New Publication: Sulfur and carbon geochemistry of the Santa Elena peridotites: Comparing oceanic and continental processes during peridotite alteration

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A paper by Esther Schwarzenbach and I on sulfur and carbon cycling during the process of serpentinization was recently published in the journal Lithos.  This study was a collaboration with Esteban Gazel and Pilar Madrigal from the VT-Volcanoes Group.

This paper explores the carbon and sulfur cycles in the ultramafic rocks of the Santa Elena Ophiolite in Costa Rica during its complex geological history. Such environments are particularly interesting because the serpentinization processes can support microbial life since it can generate free hydrogen and methane. Therefore such environments may have hosted some of the earliest life on our planet and could potential  harbor life elsewhere in the universe.

Here’s a link to paper:


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