VT Sedimentary Geochemistry Group at GSA 2105


This week the lab group is participating in the Geological Society of America’s Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. Here’s a list of the presentations.


Emma Tulsky is giving a poster on the using carbon and sulfur isotopes to track the chemical changes in sedimentary rocks during contact metamorphism

Contact Metamorphism and the release of carbon and sulfur volatiles: A study of the effects of diabase emplacement


Undergraduate Matt Petroff is giving a poster on carbon and sulfur cycles in subduction zones.

Syros, Greece: A geochemical window into subduction zone processes


Master student Sam Ritzer is presenting her work on accessing environment of deposition of a Triassic Lake and its relationship to deposit of well preserved fossils

Geochemical and sedimentological investigate of a lacustrine Triassic Lagerstatte in the Cow Branch Formation of the Danville-Dan River Basin

PhD student Matt LeRoy is presenting a study looking at the role of anoxia during a mass extinction event during the Cambrian.

Assessing the role of anoxia in the end-Marjuman extinction and SPICE Events

If you’re at the meeting stop by!


About BenG

Assistant Professor in the Department of Geosciences at Virginia Tech.
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